Thank you to our Sponsors, Patrons, Mentors, and Volunteers! It takes a village to build… er, a village.

  • John Robbie – Donated domain name and hosting for a year, preliminary business registration costs to separate finances
  • Chagall Sierra – Donating project management, administration, website setup and customization, social media
  • Linda Sepp – Mentor in all matters of Environmental Sensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

For an illness that isn’t even rare, we don’t get a lot of press or funding for research and treatments. Our Patreon page will help with awareness by creating stories of the lives that disappear due to Environmental Illness. This website is to help create awareness of the solution:

  1. Build a Village
  2. Principles of Permaculture and Symbiosis
  3. Tiny Homes and Simplicity (but not necessarily Minimalism)
  4. Medical Research and Education Outreach