December 2018 Update

Well, it’s been almost a year attempting to get this agency off the ground. Our volunteers helped create a website, met with advisors, obtained donations of equipment, and raised donations to register as a proper charity. One idea that we had to create awareness was basically stolen and done by someone else without any friendliness or inclusiveness towards our project.

Once we’re registered we can create a project to make a prototype housing unit and fundraise to make it happen. However we’re not discussing our plans with certain people in the community any more. We’re very disappointed in that but as we suffer from the same disabling condition we would still like to help them, even though they were unwilling to help us.

At this point we’re deciding on our best path forward. It’s been 4 years since deciding that we wanted a community. When you’re disabled and still trying to make something happen with very little support, I guess things take a bit longer than if an abled person with a ton of support and experience does it.

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